What is a Just Transition (in Canada)?

"Climate change is happening now, changing our communities and our economy. It has prompted a global economic shift. Canada’s future success hinges on our ability to compete in an increasingly green, low-carbon global economy. We want to work with partners to ensure that the transition to a net-zero economy is done in a way that creates new opportunities for Canadian workers and their communities – providing sustainable jobs for Canadians in every region. The Canadians who built our current energy systems have the know-how and innovative ideas to create a prosperous, low-carbon future."

The federal government is planning for the future, and they want Canadians to provide feedback and stay informed of the ongoing process of transition. Read more here: https://www.rncanengagenrcan.ca/en/collections/just-transition; and more here: https://www.rncanengagenrcan.ca/en/content/canadas-actions-support-workers-and-communities

Read the Harris Centre's one-pager on the topic of Just Transition to help clarify the issues and provide some further information!

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